Hunter qualifying lists are posted below. Maclay qualifying lists will be posted within 24 hours of completion of each Regional Championship.

If your name appears on a hunter qualifying list and you have not received your acceptance by Friday, September 23, please email

If your name appears on one of the Maclay Regional lists and you have not received your acceptance within 48 hours of the completion of that Regional Championship, please email

Your acceptance e-mail will be sent to the address linked to your Show Management System™ account or the contact point you provided on your paper entry blank. The acceptance e-mail will contain instructions on how you can accept or decline your invitation and pay any remaining balance through the electronic platform. If you haven't created an account yet at Show Management System™ you will be given the opportunity to do so and your paper-submitted entries will be imported into that account. Instructions will be included in the acceptance e-mail.

The Acceptance Process must be completed by 5:00 pm (EDT) on Tuesday, October 11th or your spot will be given to a waitlisted entry.

If you have corrections or questions regarding points and money, please e-mail

Click on a division name for a list of qualifying horses. (Lists are subject to change based on the USEF point correction process.)

Maclay Finals

Attention Maclay regional competitors

The initial list of Regional competitors accepted for the Maclay Finals will be displayed below after each Regional concludes. Once the total number of riders from all Regional competitions is finalized, additional riders may be accepted in order of placings. All qualified riders will receive an emailed invitation using the email provided on their Regional entry blank.

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region# competitors
710 (5 declines)
819 (1 decline)

The number of competitors accepted for each reason was adjusted on September 25, 2016.